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For the Love of Watercolor

In 2020, I did quite a bit of soul searching, tried different art mediums, and trying tirelessly to find what I could pour my creative energy into. I’ve cycled the idea of being a commercial concept artist (many times over). But I’ve always gravitated back to painting and am the most comfortable with watercolors. Watercolors was the first painting medium I ever used and it has come full circle. My revitalization of using watercolor as my medium of choice along with past experiences dabbling in other avenues of an art career has led me to this: I love painting, and I love painting people. It’s to me the most instant gratification in any image to see another face looking back at you. It’s why we can connect to them so easily. It’s biological. It’s what makes us human.


As part of this introspection, I wanted to surface more about who I am and my place as an artist, and son of a Vietnamese refugee. I want to explore this further so I’m starting a book project to compile hand-painted (watercolor) portraits and written stories of the Vietnamese boat people. I’m seeking to include 100 individuals in this series and would like to ask for support from the community to join me on this endeavor. If you know of any Vietnamese with a diaspora story that they’re willing to tell, message or email me. I would love to hear from you!


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