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Narrative Watercolors

I started painting a mini-series of watercolors to exercise my storytelling muscles. Some ideas were accidental and others were birthed from my thoughts and emotions. I did each in succession over the course of 5 days (a painting each day). Here's what came out of it. If you're interested in purchasing the originals, links are included before each image.

A father and son standing in line for shelter while in the cold season.

A baby taking a stroll with mommy and passes by a pastry shop. Care for some sweets?

A girl looking forward to a possible future, whilst a young woman staring back nudging at her husband who's attentively reading the newspaper.

Love's permanence is marked with chalk on a building by a young couple. Will you be mine, and I yours?

Feeling blessed for life and the natural resources that feed our bellies to sustain that life.


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