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Loose Watercolors

Sometimes you just have to let go of all the planning and just let things happen. Having no fear and faith that something good will come out of a painting is probably the best thing for you. I found this quite profound at times when I sit down and find that no ideas are coming to me. Paintings need not be specific, at least not at first. Explore the possibilities abstractly and then add details to crispen the subject matter (if there is one at all). The beauty of watercolors is that it gives you that freedom when you keep the paper wet, let things dry to lift off later and glaze over specific areas to adjust values and/or punch up colors.

To me "loose" watercolors don't mean complete abandonment or laziness in painting but a selection of things we want viewers to see. Below are paintings I rarely share, but it's another form of my own personal expression that emphasizes my love for the medium.

Idle Time, 9"x12"

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